I know we’re still only at the Civil War, but this is related to our class themes, so I thought I’d bring it to your attention and those of the people who read this class blog.

Ken Burns, creator of a number of documentaries about American History, including The Civil War, spent six years creating a new 15-hour documentary on World War II entitled The War.  The first part airs tonight on PBS. See here for more information.
Reviewers of the series have been mixed in their assessments (for example, read the Washington Post‘s review), though they generally seem to agree that the images (many of them previously unseen) and words are quite powerful.

Another related aspect to our class is that Burns has partnered with the Veterans History Project at the Library of Congress to make available a number of the interviews used in the documentary.  In addition he hopes to encourages others to do what each of you will be doing, interviewing an American veteran for the sake of preserving their stories.

2 Responses to “New Documentary by Ken Burns on WWII Starts Tonight”

  1. 1 caramac

    I met Mr. Burns this summer at his premiere of his documentary in New Hampshire. Before he previewed segments from his film he spoke about the process he took to make it. He spent 6 years putting it together!!! The segments he showed us were powerful and touching. I’m anixous to see more of it.

  2. 2 Kelly Reeder

    I saw Mr. Burns speak at the National History Day Competition this past summer and he’s quite the speaker. I’ve already told my sister that that’s what I want for Christmas, the whole documentary.